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This is the post excerpt.


Welcome to my blog! I would love to be your friend unless you are not a psycho killer 🙂



Hey 🙂

So I was just wondering what to do with this blog 😂.

Okay, that’s not a great start to the post, but I had this super cool Idea of sharing all the things and stuff, but while scrolling through the ‘read’ section, all the blogs were of adults and entrepreneurs and fashionistas and stuff.  

So I felt that my blog was an ant compared to their blogs. Or a bacteria compared to a… mouse. I’m not very good at giving examples. 

Sometimes in life, we feel like we are worthless and useless. Like the time you watch an awesome dance or a singing video, or see some hot model, and then you look at how useless you are that you can’t do these things. 

The truth is, their journey began earlier than yours. Your journey in life will slowly but surely begin someday too. But you’ve got to work towards it, of course. 

I always get annoyed at philosophical lines, but just this time, I would like to quote-

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

And even though I haven’t even decided my destination yet, I wish your life isn’t as messed up as mine, and you can…well, take your first step. And just to make it clear, that line is not original. 

Hope you all have a lovely day ahead, and comment your thoughts on this topic below 🙂


First Post

Hello World!

This is my first blog post. I got the idea of making a blog from Girl Online book by Zoella. Its a wonderful book and i recommend it to book lovers (like me!)

Anyways, even I have a diary where I write my “feeling” and stuff, but it seems pointless because I don’t think I’m gonna let ANYone read it. So this blog is anonymous, so I can totally be myself without anyone judging me.

If anyone has been reading this…well, Hi 🙂

I would love to be friends with anyone unless you are a psycho killer.

So this is it for this post. Hope I can make you smile with my posts one day.

Until then, Lots of love